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Friday, April 18, 2008

Nuts present for a "nut case" (me)

Here is an environmentally friendly present for a "nut case" (me, in case anyone think I am trying to defame others):

digital nuts

Photo of nuts is property of Steffenz

These environmentally friendly, healthy, nutritious and digital nuts are for this "nut case":

squirrel eating healthy diet of nuts
Photo of squirrel eating a nut is property of Bryan Burke

Just in case the owners of the 2 photos think I am using their photos to defame others, may I add this post is a result of someone who called me a "nut case" and this is my way of answering such "defamation" (of me). I love nuts. In fact, if I could, I would eat more of them for they are delicious, provides lots of good nutrition and if you eat them, help keep you healthy.


Ev Newton said...

Peter, I am a relatively new blogger who has just discovered your amazing site. Just the sort of "nut case" I need. I wish I had found you a year ago. Keep up the great work.