If you want to created your own version of environmentally friendly presents (maybe a digital photo or something else), just send email to
You will need to type the email address. My suggestion is to open a Notepad file, minimise both this page as well as the Notepad file and position them such that you can see both at the same time. While looking the the graphic email address, type the email address into Notepad, copy-paste into the To: field in you email COMPOSE form and send message, digital photo, etc. If you are not happy with what I put up, it will be taken down immediately.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sweetened Condensed Milk Present for MP

I found out from Tony Pua's blog and The Nut Graph that my MP (Member of Parliament of PJ Utara) has a sweet tooth for sweetened condensed milk which unfortunately is no longer available in Malaysia because of some misguided controlled price policies. So here is an (hopefully) environmentally friendly present of a can of digital Panda brand sweetened condensed milk for Tony Pua, MP for PJ Utara:

Panda brand sweetened condensed milk

I am pretty sure that there are no melamine in this digital can of Panda brand sweetened condensed milk despite the fact that it may have originated from China.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Environmentally friendly online shopping solutions

Rather than go shopping for gifts in bricks and mortar retail outlets, many has opted for environmentally friendly online shopping. If you are operating a brick and mortar gift retail outlet, it would be wise for you to getting your products offering online as this trend is likely to increase in the future as the price of petrol goes ever higher. There is no way for the price to go except up.

Now if you are a merchant offering gift items for sale online, you would have to provide a convenient and environmentally way for payment to be made. What could be more convenient than merchant account provider which provides Website Payment Processing Setup & Solutions together with Credit Card Processing Equipment?

Any online merchant of gift items must seriously of ways to facilitate easy and convenient way of online payments, failing which customers will disappear like vapors into the air.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Celebration for Peter Chen passing the PCE Part 1 and 3 exams

Today, 14th June, 2008 marks the beginning of Peter Chen's mission to take over KL/Legacy. Peter Chen passed the PCE (Pre Contract Examination) Part 1 and 3 and immediately signed up the contract to be an agent for AIA (American Life Assurance). Here is one of his favorite snack as celebration - a genuine German frankfurter with saurkraut plus potato salad:

frankfurter with saurkraut and potato salad

Photo of frankfurter is property of Jeremy Keith

Peter Chen intend to publish the book Dream Driven LifeTM. This book will be be based on real life experience and taking over Kuala Lumpur Legacy is just part of his dream.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Birthday Present for Mi Ghent

Happy Birthday Mi Ghent,

Apologies on this auspicious occasion for being Enviroman and environmentally conscious, thus got used to giving digital presents. Anyway, here is my digital birthday present to you on your birthday, 6th June:

slim mint

Photo of "Slim Mint" is property of Arun Katiyar

I know, I know. You already have something for keeping healthy and at optimal weight. But then, this is mint, cools your throat and make breathe sweet smelling.

And please don't knock me over the head for giving digital birthday presents, for I am after all, Enviroman on the Web. Will try to make up for this one day.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Canadian Member of Parliament "medal" for Terry Glavin

We had the most amazing Malaysian General Election this year. The arrogant Barisan Nasional controlled the Malaysian mainstream mass media so well that they even believed their own propaganda, the shit poured out from the press etc. that no one else will believe except themselves. That lulled them into such a sense of complacency they almost lost the election and now control the Malaysian Parliament minus their much abused two-third majority. They also lost control of the richest and most populous states in Malaysia and DAP (Democratic Action Party) got their prize Penang. They called it a Malaysian political tsunami.

Wish Terry Glavin was a Malaysian, then we can send him as a Member of Parliament to dissect the behavior of our idiotic Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament. Unfortunately Terry Glavin is only a very highly politically aware Canadian, and I can only help put Terry Glavin as a Member of Parliament of the Canadian Parliament by putting more active links to Terry Glavin's blog

Well, here is my birthday gift to Terry Glavin, hopefully the medal for a Canadian Member of Parliament this 20th May:

my Canadian Member of Parliament medal

Photo of "medal" is property of Mikey G Ottawa

Happy birthday Terry!!!!!!! "Selamat menyambut Hari Jadi" our version.

Wonder when Terry going to do an Terry's Eye on Malaysia.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wedding anniversary gift for Rose DesRochers

Rose Desrochers will be celebrating her 19th wedding anniversary with her husband and we hope that she will get a wedding anniversary gift that may look something like the one below:

I love you present

Photo of "I love you" gift is property of Benny Yap

Please note, while we all love Rose, this we hope may be a present bearing the message from her husband, not us, in case of any misunderstanding.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nuts present for a "nut case" (me)

Here is an environmentally friendly present for a "nut case" (me, in case anyone think I am trying to defame others):

digital nuts

Photo of nuts is property of Steffenz

These environmentally friendly, healthy, nutritious and digital nuts are for this "nut case":

squirrel eating healthy diet of nuts
Photo of squirrel eating a nut is property of Bryan Burke

Just in case the owners of the 2 photos think I am using their photos to defame others, may I add this post is a result of someone who called me a "nut case" and this is my way of answering such "defamation" (of me). I love nuts. In fact, if I could, I would eat more of them for they are delicious, provides lots of good nutrition and if you eat them, help keep you healthy.