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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Environmentally friendly present (gift) for my friends

I received a message with an image of a circle of friends from a close friend (plus relative) via Facebook who asked that if I consider her a friend, to send it back. Only problem is, I am a Facebook dummy. I don't know how to send this back to her. So I am going to do the next best thing. I am going to upload the image of the circle of friends in this post and send her the post URL to assure her that not only do I consider her a friend, but a very close friend:

circle of friends

However, I want to go one step further, for after all, what are friends for. I am going to give all my friends an environmentally friendly present (all of us should be environmentally aware as what we do today is going to affect our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren....) and I am sure we want to leave them a nice earth to live in, not a scorched earth:

rose flower for my friends

Photo of red rose is property of Jun

Now I received the first "if you consider me your friend..." from those who likely love flowers. From what I see in Facebook, it may not be the last, and what about those who don't want flowers? Here is an alternative:

Love T-shirt
Photo of red T-shirt is property of Ben Outram

Hope you guys like it. There is an appropriate message on the T-shirt. If you are still single, please take it as a romantic hint.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Environmentally friendly present for Aimee

Hi Aimee,

Happy birthday. Hope you like your birthday present:

gold dress

Photo of Gold Dress is property of hobvias sudoneighm

It is a GOLD DRESS. Try it out and see if it fits. Or if you like it. If not, let me know. I will try to get another one for you. No problem. It is important for Aimee to be happy on her birthday.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Apology, followed by a kiss and make up meal as a present

Digital apology

Malaysia need to reduce the two-third majority of the ruling Barisan who have abused the trust and mandate give to them by amending some 40 times with each amendments being multi-amendments. Now we need to work hard to correct our mistake and take away the two-third majority of the rullng Barisan in the next Malaysian election which will be soon. I joined a group whose objective is to get to know our Member of Parliaments, or to me, more accurately, the likely candidates for the next election. The opposition is working very hard to cooperate and work out some arrangement to avoid 3 corner contests and split the opposition votes. I was thus very upset when a proposal to consider an Independent if no suitable candidate from the opposition could be found. In the limited time we have, there is just no way we can decide on a candidate to put up for election, gather the funds for the election campaigns, get the campaigning team organized, train the polling, counting and canvasing agents, set up the logistics and a whole lot more. Going for the Independent candidate option is just going to do the Barisan a favor, and I absolutely cannot support it at this moment. Thus when I got a reply to a request for volunteers for polling and counting agents training, I did not read the message properly and made some caustic remarks. I missed the last part of the message which is that the poster Nathan attended the polling agent training. I sincerely regret my caustic remark and here is an image of "me" kneeling to ask Nathan for forgiveness:

photo of
Photo of "me" kneeling on my knees to ask for forgiveness is property of Nat Welch

Digital present of a delicious meal of tandoori chicken to sweeten up the apology

Now merely kneeling to ask for forgiveness is not enough. It must be followed up with something better like a delicious meal of digital tandoori chicken. Here is "my" tandoori chicken meal to Nathan to make up for my mistake:

delicious tandoori chicken
Photo of Tandoori Chicken is property of stu_spivack

Monday, January 7, 2008

My environmentally friendly USB fan: Not digital but real

environmentally friendly USB fan

Here is an environmentally friendly USB fan (blue blades, highlighted by solid red arrow pointing at it) I received as my 59th birthday gift from my youngest son.

Environmentally friendly? It uses ELECTRICITY!!! So why do I say it is environmentally friendly? My computer to which I am practically glued my whole waking hours except when I get an excuse to go take a walk (thunderstorm, bank, shop, lunch or dinner, etc.) is in the hottest part of my house. In the landing at the top floor. Hot air rises, so that means the hottest air accumulate in this hot spot. But today is not my usual day, when I am topless and try to avoid using the huge ceiling fan above (it is my birthday, but I can't be in my first birthday suit). Now my sympathetic son seeing poor me "suffering" minus the ceiling fan because ceiling fan uses electricity, gave me this USB fan. Plug it into a computer USB port, and it gives a pretty good cooling breeze. Very effective and very "electricity-effective". "Electricity-effective"? I haven't done any research yet, but I think the electricity you can draw from a USB port is limited, definitely much, much less than that giant ceiling fan hanging over my head.

Very thoughtful son. And he sure knows how to choose a gift. Look at what he gave me for my 57th birthday - My first grandchild at his grandfather's 58th birthday gathering. It is somewhere in the middle of the post and was the main reason how this almost-impossible-to-smile blogger can get a laughing profile photo for his blog.

Thank you son for both. Very much appreciated.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My digital birthday present for Calvin Low

Hi Calvin,

Here is my digital and environmentally friendly birthday present for you. Your dream car (at least what dad think should be your dream car):

Like it? Please tell me that you like it. Please! Please don't tell me you prefer the car below as your birthday present as then dad will have to work much harder to get you that as your birthday present:

Let me tell you why I think the first one should be your dream car:

  1. it runs on water. Just pour water into it, and it will go 2000 km

  2. Can't afford tap water? Go to the longkang (for those Bahasa Malaysia challenged surfers, that in plain English is "drain") and just get some longkang water. That is free. Now if you don't like smelly longkang water, just go to the swimming pool in your condominium and scoop some swimming pool water at 2am in the morning when everyone is sound asleep and no one can see you scooping free (percuma) swimming pool water for your digital Berlin SmartCar

  3. it can use the engine lubricants that pours out of the sump of your expensive Toyota when you change its engine lubricant

  4. when the tires threads gets bald, just let me know. I will get you a brand new set of digital Michelin Energy tires

  5. if this car needs a repainting job, just let me know. I will do it for you FOC (gratis)

Now, don't you agree it should be your dream car? Even after they raise the rate you have to pay for tap water, it still runs for sens (sens for those not familiar with our country's official language, is cents) per 1000 km. Now if you tell me you can't even afford sens, just let Mi Me knows. I will give you some sufficient digital sens for you to get those digital tap water for you to get this Berlin SmartCar to get you to office or to go wherever you want for your vacation. I think you can drive to Berlin even if you decide you want to go there. Or perhaps to Frankfurt where you have a cousin-in-law. Now if those selling digital tap water don't accept digital sens, just let dad knows. Don't even have to bother Mi Me. Just give me a call (it is free) to my much appreciated brand new, sophisticated and definitely not digital, Nokia mobile phone as it it also a 016 number (thank you very much. In case you forgot, it is my 59th birthday present from all of you know who). I will get you some digital water for you. All the digital water you need to get to Frankfurt to see your cousin-in-law (real flesh and blood and definitely not digital).

And you don't have to worry about repainting or getting set new tires. Dad will take that headache for you.

But if you still insist you want the second car for your birthday present, I am afraid dad will have to tell you go get it yourself.

Happy birthday Calvin. I hope you are as happy as your dad on his recent birthday. And my apologies, Calvin. Dad forgot to thank all of you for that nice Nokia hand phone plus that 016 number. Next time dad wouldn't forget. Promise. And please don't tell your second (or is it first?) dad your first (or is it second) dad (I am afraid dad is pretty confused about things at 59 years of age) that I gave you a digital Berlin SmartCar for your birthday present after you dad got such good makan (makan is our version of delicious 6 or 7 course dinner for Bahasa Malaysia challenged surfers) plus those non-digital birthday presents for my recent 59th birthday. He will punch me for sure for digital abuse. I hope he knows how to give digital punches. I can take all the digital punches that he can give me. So don't worry too much. If you somehow experienced a slip of the tongue and told him, Mi Me and you wouldn't break up for she is not going to worry about her dad getting a thousand or even a million digital punches.

Now go enjoy your digital Berlin SmartCar. And droll over that Ferrari if you want.

Note: Comments have been set to allow anyone to comment, with or without Google account. With or without Open ID. But comments are moderated in case those who don't agree with me get abusive for giving such a gift after receiving such great non-digital gifts. But for Calvin, he can comment in anyway he likes. It is his privilage. For after all, this is his gift. Not even sure if he is going to accept it or not. But whatever it is, I promise his comment will be approved.