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Monday, January 7, 2008

My environmentally friendly USB fan: Not digital but real

environmentally friendly USB fan

Here is an environmentally friendly USB fan (blue blades, highlighted by solid red arrow pointing at it) I received as my 59th birthday gift from my youngest son.

Environmentally friendly? It uses ELECTRICITY!!! So why do I say it is environmentally friendly? My computer to which I am practically glued my whole waking hours except when I get an excuse to go take a walk (thunderstorm, bank, shop, lunch or dinner, etc.) is in the hottest part of my house. In the landing at the top floor. Hot air rises, so that means the hottest air accumulate in this hot spot. But today is not my usual day, when I am topless and try to avoid using the huge ceiling fan above (it is my birthday, but I can't be in my first birthday suit). Now my sympathetic son seeing poor me "suffering" minus the ceiling fan because ceiling fan uses electricity, gave me this USB fan. Plug it into a computer USB port, and it gives a pretty good cooling breeze. Very effective and very "electricity-effective". "Electricity-effective"? I haven't done any research yet, but I think the electricity you can draw from a USB port is limited, definitely much, much less than that giant ceiling fan hanging over my head.

Very thoughtful son. And he sure knows how to choose a gift. Look at what he gave me for my 57th birthday - My first grandchild at his grandfather's 58th birthday gathering. It is somewhere in the middle of the post and was the main reason how this almost-impossible-to-smile blogger can get a laughing profile photo for his blog.

Thank you son for both. Very much appreciated.


Jean said...

That is a great idea for gifts. I've never seen one before but that is really really thoughtful. I love it.

Peter Chen said...

Hi Jean,

Glad you like the USB fan, but hope you don't just like it but also use it to reduce energy usage. If I am not wrong we are neighbors and I believe you should be able to find one at a computer shop. It is very cheap - RM9.90 which should come up to less than Sing dollar less than $5. Since you are a blogger, I would assume you are with the computer very often, and having this USB fan so close, thus able to generate sufficiently strong breeze despite its small size and low wattage, you can avoid the electricit guzzling ceiling fan or worst, the air conditioner.

Peter Blog*Star
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