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Friday, January 18, 2008

Apology, followed by a kiss and make up meal as a present

Digital apology

Malaysia need to reduce the two-third majority of the ruling Barisan who have abused the trust and mandate give to them by amending some 40 times with each amendments being multi-amendments. Now we need to work hard to correct our mistake and take away the two-third majority of the rullng Barisan in the next Malaysian election which will be soon. I joined a group whose objective is to get to know our Member of Parliaments, or to me, more accurately, the likely candidates for the next election. The opposition is working very hard to cooperate and work out some arrangement to avoid 3 corner contests and split the opposition votes. I was thus very upset when a proposal to consider an Independent if no suitable candidate from the opposition could be found. In the limited time we have, there is just no way we can decide on a candidate to put up for election, gather the funds for the election campaigns, get the campaigning team organized, train the polling, counting and canvasing agents, set up the logistics and a whole lot more. Going for the Independent candidate option is just going to do the Barisan a favor, and I absolutely cannot support it at this moment. Thus when I got a reply to a request for volunteers for polling and counting agents training, I did not read the message properly and made some caustic remarks. I missed the last part of the message which is that the poster Nathan attended the polling agent training. I sincerely regret my caustic remark and here is an image of "me" kneeling to ask Nathan for forgiveness:

photo of
Photo of "me" kneeling on my knees to ask for forgiveness is property of Nat Welch

Digital present of a delicious meal of tandoori chicken to sweeten up the apology

Now merely kneeling to ask for forgiveness is not enough. It must be followed up with something better like a delicious meal of digital tandoori chicken. Here is "my" tandoori chicken meal to Nathan to make up for my mistake:

delicious tandoori chicken
Photo of Tandoori Chicken is property of stu_spivack