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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sweetened Condensed Milk Present for MP

I found out from Tony Pua's blog and The Nut Graph that my MP (Member of Parliament of PJ Utara) has a sweet tooth for sweetened condensed milk which unfortunately is no longer available in Malaysia because of some misguided controlled price policies. So here is an (hopefully) environmentally friendly present of a can of digital Panda brand sweetened condensed milk for Tony Pua, MP for PJ Utara:

Panda brand sweetened condensed milk

I am pretty sure that there are no melamine in this digital can of Panda brand sweetened condensed milk despite the fact that it may have originated from China.


PlantBuddy said...

Hi! Just dropping in from Peter's blog to look at your 3 columns. Nice. I have a Blogger Blog, but just the two column which I have tried to enhance as much as I am able. Also, I'm an Amazon Assoc. with gardening books.