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Monday, April 7, 2008

Birthday present for Sarah: Secretary bird

Ha, this morning 5.36am was the very first time I learned that there is such a thing as "Secretary Bird" (Wikipedia: Secretary Bird). More about that later, but first let me wish Sarah a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope she gets a

Secretary Bird

Photo of Secretary Bird belong to Brian Scott

Secretary Bird to assist her with her duties.

Secretary Bird's Facts and Figures

The scientific name for Secretary Bird is Sagittarius serpentarius. It is a large, mostly terrestrial (mostly land-based) bird of prey (birds that eat other birds or animals) found all over Africa. Its habitat is the open savannas of the sub-Sahara (desert). The Secretary Bird is used in the official emblem of 2 African countries - Sudan and South Africa. The Secretary Bird is part of the order of Falconiformes, it is different enough from others like the kites, buzzards, vultures, and harriers that it is put into its own order "Sagittariidae".

Its height is about 4 feet (1.3 meter) which makes the Secretary Bird almost as tall as a grown human. Hah, I can imagine the Secretary Bird sitting next to Sarah assisting her in her daily work.

Happy birthday Sarah. May you have a Secretary Bird for your birthday to assist you in your work which hopefully will lighten your burden.


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